“His exploration of the human condition echoes Scott Walker, with his unique, delicate vocals and intricate playing forged in a contemporary Intimate setting”

- Keith Ames, The Musician Magazine (MU)

"Sweet, evocative, soulful"

- Tania Deaville, The Brighton Argus

Brighton based British singer-songwriter Seany Clarke delivers an intriguing take on 21st century life with his distinctive soulful folk-tinged songcraft.


“His exploration of the human condition echoes Scott Walker, with his unique, delicate vocals and intricate playing forged in a contemporary Intimate setting.”- The Musician Magazine (MU)


Driven by his percussive acoustic guitar style, Seany's down-to-earth sound is sung with the heart of a troubled spirit. Artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Elvis Costello, Paul Weller and John Martyn inspire him. But they are just part of a rich woven tapestry of influences stretching back to his early love for punk trios. 


On June 25th 2021, Seany released the single, Have You Had Enough? The song featured on BBC Music Introducing the South's Track of the Day. His trademark acoustic finger picking groove style plays host to a sweet spring time Vivaldi flavour string arrangement. “This song is my mundane treasure”, says Seany. "It’s about when you're feeling chewed up by the tough daily grind. It's about that moment when you take a deep breath and you're thinking, you know, I can't take this no more. I wanna be chasing my dreams instead of chasing the bosses tail". 


The new release follows the singles, When the Craving Comes (2021) and Breathe (2020). The former is about smartphone addiction. “I wrote When the Craving Comes as if it was a love-hate relationship between two people - as a metaphor for phone affection”, says Seany. “One minute you’re soothed by a balm, the next you’re hateful and anxious”. 


Breathe takes a political stance: a folk & soul clarion call for equality that has shades of Curtis Mayfield with Style Council strings. It’s about the fight to live, daring to dream of a world free from racial injustice. For Seany,“Breathe is a struggle for peace of mind, fairness and unity. We can either retreat or fly into the future”.


Seany’s latest album Familiar Strangers (2019) was described by The Musician Magazine (MU) as “exhibiting a keen eye and ear for the subtleties of relationships”. He zooms into the troubled mind, mirroring personal experience and sharing them

with irony, pathos and playfulness. “I’m looking into an infinity mirror seeing myself and a million

strangers receding in a row. Are we so different after all?”


His fascination with Oscar Wilde and his book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, inspired his songs about misplaced desires, disillusionment and self-destruction in his debut long player, I Can Resist Anything But Temptation (2016), described by as “classy 21st Century pop with a soulful undertow”.


Seany’s first release was 2010s Funky Boy Racer EP. In it’s review, the Brighton Source Magazine wrote “Sly, Curtis and even Prince are all present in spirit as the vocal lilts above notes we’re personally incapable of reaching this side of puberty”. 




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